We provided the semi-auto welding assembly jig & tooling fixture, Automation machine for Automotive parts manufacturing industry.

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    MADESCO intelligence company is a provider of the customized and installation of machinery , plant layout for the manufacturing industry. As well as improve the production line to increase productivity using the area to the maximum benefit. We design and install machine according to the customer requistition. Update existing equipment to be able to increase wide range of machines and empowering them under the design and control system automatic or robotic arm such as to work as laborers in hazardous and accidents. And also replace the shortage of labor to work on the assembly line and production.

     In addition, customers can evaluate the results of the risk analysis by indicators of production efficiency. Before and after by Key Process Output Variable. And indicators of the value of the investment  by Return  on Investment (ROI) before making an investing. By analyzing the performance of the machine after the installation to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the machines in the long run.

We provided the semi-auto assembly jig & tooling fixture, automation machine, and auto optical inspection machine especially for electronic parts manufacturing industry.

Welding Jig Assembly Parts

Special Assembly Mcahine

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2D Printing and Vision Inspection Machine

Bad Mark Vision Inspection Machine

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