We provided the semi-auto welding assembly jig & tooling fixture, Automation machine for Automotive parts manufacturing industry.

Would you like to know us ?

      MADESCO intelligence company is a provider of the customized and installation of machinery for the manufacturing industry. As electronic , automotive and food packaging industry. 

What type of machine follow by industry:

Electronic Industry provided the vision system & solution machine.

        # Bad Mark inspection Machine      

        # IC Matching System Machine        

        # Binning Inspection Machine

        # 2 D Ink Printing Machine

        # 2D barcode reader vision machine

        # Sticker 2 D attach vision machine

Automotive Industry:

        # Servo Press size 800kg to 1 Ton

        # Ring assembly machine

        # Jig Assembly

        # Robot De-burring Machine

        # Washing Shaft Machine

        # Auto Loader Machine

        # Shaft Bending Machine

Food Packaging Industry: 

        # Auto Box Packing Machine

        # PE Sheet Cleaning Machine


In addition, we add more sales electrical equipments for spare part machinery.

We provided the semi-auto assembly jig & tooling fixture, automation machine, and auto optical inspection machine especially for electronic parts manufacturing industry.

Bad Mark Vision Inspection Machine

Optical Inspection

2D Barcode Ink Printing Machine

Welding Jig Assembly Parts

Ring Assembly Mcahine

2D Barcode Sticker Attached Machine

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